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How to Choose 50cc or 125cc?
Jan 15,2020

One of the biggest factors people consider when buying a scooter is the top speed. It's not surprising to know that 125cc scooters are faster than 50cc, but the difference in top speed is more than you might think. While top speed is an important...

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How does an electric scooter work?
Nov 26,2019

The electric scooter works on batteries. These are rechargeable batteries and are either of the lead or the Lithium types. The endurance of these batteries is good enough for you to travel within a range of 10 to 40 miles. The motor of the elec...

Tags:electric scooter,rechargeable batteries
Chongqing, the world's leading motorcycle & motorcycle parts city
Aug 26,2016

Chongqing is one of the leading automotive centres in the world and in terms of motorcycle and parts manufacture is unsurpassed producing roughly 12 million motorcycles a year. Motorcycle production first began in China in 1951 when the People'...

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Why should you get hold of an electric scooter ?
Aug 24,2016

Electric scooters are your child’s best friend, without needing any gasoline. Here is why you would love owning one. Electric scooters are easy to ride, and light in weight. This means that they are easy to manoeuvre, and you don’t fee...

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Why should you buy a self balancing scooter ?
Aug 24,2016

RUNS ON BATTERIES Ride aself balancing scooter,There is no need to fill a tank or store gas. You just need batteries to run the scooter. Store up on some batteries and you have a virtually never-ending, never-stopping, fully dependable ride. As ea...

Tags:self balancing scooter
How to Ride a self balancing scooter ?
Aug 03,2016

So you’ve been waiting patiently for your new Self Balancing Scooter, and now it’s here! You put one foot on and the self balancing scooter starts to move. You step off, and try again. No go. We’ve been there, so we thought we&rs...

What is a 2 wheel self balancing scooter ?
Aug 02,2016

In the past few months, there’s been a real revolution in personal transportation. Some people call it "self balancing board"others,"smart balance wheel"others still call it “a mini segway without handles” or &ld...

Tags:self balancing scooter,2 wheel scooter,self balancing board,balancing scooter,hoverboard segway
How To Choose Electric Scooters and Motorized Kick Scooters
Jun 21,2016

Electric Scooters and Motorized Kick Scooters: We could break the motor scooter market into more categories. But for simplicity sake we’ll talk about the rest of the market as those “other” scooters. Doin...

Tags:Electric Scooter,Kick Scooters,Motorized Scooter,mobility scooter
How to choose a 50cc, 125cc or 150cc scooter?
Jun 21,2016

Should I choose a 50cc or 125cc scooter? Motor Scooters are usually offered by manufactures in three engine sizes: 50cc; 150cc; and 250cc (“cc” stands for “cubic centimeters"). Some scooter manufactures have other engine siz...

Tags:50cc Scooter,125cc scooter,150cc scooter,250cc scooter
May 24,2016

Benefits of a 50cc or 125cc motorcycle When you’re travelling around a busy city like London, you’re likely to save time and money, as well as your sanity, by choosing a motorbike over a car. However, did you know that you could trav...

Tags:125cc moped,50CC motorcycle,50cc moped, 125cc motorcycle,125cc bike
Electric Scooter Standard Features and Specifications
May 10,2016

MOTOR:An electric scooter motor or engine is rated by its output in watts. Electric power is measured in watts; 746 watts are equal to 1 horsepower (hp). Electric scooters with a watt rating under 300w are not recommended for use on steep, hilly, or ...

Tags:Electric Scooter,Scooter Specifications,Scooter Features
Finding the electric scooter that's Right for You!
May 10,2016

It's time to join the latest craze; Electric Scooters! You can find them everywhere these days. On TV, in the movies, kids zipping up and down the block on them. Even their parents use them to run local errands to the store, post office, etc.. Pe...

Tags:electric scooter
Are Electric Scooters Legal?
May 09,2016

Electric Scooters Legal?This is the question we're asked most often. The answer varies from state to state and even in some cases from community to community within the same state. Historically, electric scooters have occupied a vague strat...

Tags:Electric Scooters
The pros and cons of each type of Electric Scooters vs Gas Scooters
May 06,2016

It's the question on everyone's mind… do I go gas or electric! There are many factors to consider when purchasing a motorized scooter. Whether you buy a gas scooter or an electric scooter is one of the first decisions you'll want t...

Tags:Electric Scooters,Gas Scooters,motorized scooter
Self Balance Scooter To Use The Principle Of Balance
May 04,2016

Self Balance Scooter to use the principle of balance is mainly based on something called "dynamic stability" (Dynamic Stabilization) on the principle of, that is, automatic balancing of the Scooter itself. Built-in precision solid-state gyr...

What do you want in your  scooter?
Apr 29,2016

What do you want in your scooter?Time saving(Speed),Foldable(Compact),Smooth ride Speed Scooters get you from A to B quicker than walking. We have scooters with larger wheels than others. The larger the wheels, the quicker you go, so if you...

How to buying motorcycle parts from China
Aug 26,2015

Finding information on Chinesemotorcycle parts exporters Simple Google searches like ‘Chinese motorcycle parts’ will reveal hundreds if not thousands of results. Some of these results will be of no use; they will be companies with locali...

Tags:motorcycle parts,Motorcycle Accessories,China motorcycle
6 reasons to buy a China Scooter
Aug 01,2015

why buy a scooter from China All our scooters are Chinese designed and engineered.China is a manufacturing country in the world, high quality products andlow cost. We supply our scooters direct from the scootersfactory, cutting out the mi...

NIU scooter App for iOS and Android devices Download
Mar 16,2015

NIU, the world’s #1 Smart Electric Scooter brand, officially launched the next generation of its NIU App for iOS and Android devices. The all-new app takes the most advanced connected scooter to the next level by enabling scooter firmware updat...

Tags:NIU scooter,niu electric scooter,niu ebike
How to Choose between A 3 And 4 Wheel Scooter
Oct 28,2014

Along with the rise in popularity and technology, sheer number of choices in the category has risen dramatically as well to the point where it's now a wise move to run a personal needs assessment before making a purchase to ensure that needs are ...

Tags:4 Wheel Scooter,mobility scooter,four wheel scooter,3 Wheel Scooter,three wheel scooter
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