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What do you want in your scooter?

Apr 29,2016

What do you want in your scooter?Time saving(Speed),Foldable(Compact),Smooth ride


Scooters get you from A to B quicker than walking. We have scooters with larger wheels than others. The larger the wheels, the quicker you go, so if you have a long distance to cover or want to get there quicker then you want our large wheeled scooters.


Adult Kick Scooter with Hot Sales (YVS-001)

Are you taking your scooter on a train, bus, tube? If so, you'll be pleased to hear that all our Adult Micro Scooters are foldable. A quick press of a few buttons and they fold in half and can fit under your seat! then the weight of the scooter should be considered. We also sell a carry bag and Micro strap which can make carrying your scooter easier.

Smooth ride

Do you have nice smooth pavements, or are they a bit uneven? The scooters using wood and fibreglass deck are equally as strong, yet they have some flexibility in them (think springy) which is great for those pavements that aren't super smooth.



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