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NIU scooter App for iOS and Android devices Download

Mar 16,2015

NIU, the world’s #1 Smart Electric Scooter brand, officially launched the next generation of its NIU App for iOS and Android devices. The all-new app takes the most advanced connected scooter to the next level by enabling scooter firmware updates via the app over their wireless connection, while also launching a host of new features that make it easier for riders to get insights about their NIU scooter.



Android APP:


Every one to two months the NIU engineer team is releasing new firmware updates for the scooter (not just the app) to improve elements like extended battery range, motor efficiency, GPS accuracy, and others features. “Just like you update your iPhone and Android device, you should be able to update your scooter

The NIU 3.0 Scooter homepage builds upon previous versions and now acts as a window into the scooter. Taking advantage of a flexible and convenient ‘card-based’ arrangement, a user can customize the layout and design of “their” app.  The homepage has the potential to display security alerts, past routes, ride statistics, security notifications, GPS strength, and even the local weather.

In addition, NIU Scooter App 3.0  provides real-time visibility on the status of your N-Series. Your scooter may be out of site, but you can have peace of mind of its security with our anti-theft tracking feature. Additionally you can view, at a glance, how much battery is remaining, track your recent rides, get instant updates with any scooter malfunctions, locate the nearest service station, and peruse the user manual with a few swipes of the app…and this is just the beginning.

Most importantly, when designing this app we listened to our users biggest request. With this latest version of mart niu ebike app, users can inquire about battery related information, including charge level, temperature, cycle times, health, and estimated range in a convenient and easy to understand layout that is coupled with a ‘Battery Tips’ guide to help users maintain the integrity of their battery.

The latest version of niu electric scooter app is now available for download on the iOS app store and Google Play stores today.

Dowload NIU APP

niu scooter app ios downloadDownload NIU scooter apk


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