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Are Electric Scooters Legal?

May 09,2016

Electric Scooters Legal? This is the question we're asked most often.

The answer varies from state to state and even in some cases from community to community within the same state. 

Historically, electric scooters have occupied a vague stratum of the law, nestled somewhere between motorcycles and bicycles. Lacking the speed and safety features (turn signals, lights, horns, etc.) of motorcycles, e-scooters were not deemed street legal.

Recently, though, with all of the interest over getting cars off of our streets and hydrocarbons out of our air, lawmakers have come to view the electric scooter more favorably as a viable means of alternative transportation. The great state of California, for example, recently legalized electric scooters for drivers over the age of 16.

As an example, the definition of a motorized scooter as used in the California Vehicle Code is: any two-wheel device that has handlebars, is designed to be stood or sat upon by the operator and is powered by a motor capable of propelling the device with or without human propulsion.


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