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How To Choose Electric Scooters and Motorized Kick Scooters

Jun 21,2016

Electric Scooters and Motorized Kick Scooters:

We could break the motor scooter market into more categories. But for simplicity sake we’ll talk about the rest of the market as those “other” scooters. Doing so isn’t to discount their prevalence, as electric scooters may just be the future of scootering. The Vectrix is a fully electric bike that can run at highway speeds, go from 0 to 50 in 6.8 seconds, and has a battery range of 70 miles or so. But with a price tag of $11K and up, it’s not really an option for people looking to save a few bucks on gas, as it would take tens of thousands of miles of driving before the gas savings would pay for the scooter. We've also found that the marketing of the Vectrix Electric Scooter is misleading.

There are other electric bikes that consumers can use and easily afford, but their speed and battery range are very limited. These types of scooters would work for the student needing a quick way to zip between campus buildings, but that type of student probably isn’t looking for a way to save gas money. The same can be said of the motorized kick scooters. Whether they are electric or gas motorized kick scooters, their speed and range are very limited, so using it to commute for significant miles really isn’t an option. But they are fun, and cost very little compared to a regular motorized gas scooter.

A mobility scooter is also a motorized scooter. But for most people, picking up a mobility scooter would be for nothing more than a fraternity prank. Mobility scooters are great for individuals who need assistance walking for extended periods of time. You see them available for use in malls, airports, zoos, and theme parks. Their speed is very limited, as well as their range.


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